Sheila B. Alexander, CCR, RMR, CRR

Certified Court Reporter, AR and KS

Machine Reporter

Registered Merit Reporter

Certified Realtime Reporter

Becky J. Parker, CCR, RPR

Certified Court Reporter - AR, MO, CA, NV, TX

Machine Reporter

Registered Professional Reporter

With combined experience of over 50 years in multiple states, we are able to handle testimony in every field. We take pride in providing timely, accurate transcripts. You will receive personalized service to ensure your needs are met.

Upon request, we are able to connect wirelessly to a laptop or tablet (either on-site or off-site) and provide an instantaneous realtime translation of the testimony and/or provide a rough draft transcript at the conclusion.‚Äč

Registered Merit Reporter is certification up to 260 words per minute by the National Court Reporters Association.

Videography services can also be arranged if needed.

We are a full-service reporting firm with the ability to handle all your court reporting needs!

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